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About PeterBlum.com

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Peter Blum is one of the best-known asp.net web control programmers. After many years building UIs for commercial Windows and Macintosh applications, Peter has applied his skills to building feature rich and useful web controls since 2002. 1000s of companies are using his controls to enhance their websites.

PeterBlum.com has always been a one-person company, located north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Peter creates the documentation and provides the tech support. He takes these tasks as seriously as writing code. You will get some of the richest documentation you've ever seen, and fast, informative tech support.

You will find this site heavy in content without much glossy marketing. After all, Peter is a programmer and would rather spend time improving the products and supporting customers.

PeterBlum.com has received tremendous accolades from customers and peers, including 7 aspnetPRO Magazine Reader's Choice Awards. Read the testimonials for Peter's Data Entry Suite posted on the www.asp.net Control Gallery to see what customers think of the products, documentation, and free tech support.

Contacting PeterBlum.com

If you have a question, problem, or idea, let Peter know.

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