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Peter's Business Logic Driven UI
Filter Templates
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Filtering data – applying limits to what data is returned by your queries – is an essential element to data oriented applications.

A Filter Template is a User Control file that builds a user interface for a single filter rule, based on the data type and filtering rules you need. BLD provides an extensive framework of classes for developing Filter Templates, and a large number of Filter Template files have been included.

Filter Templates convert the data input from the user into EntityFilter objects which are then passed to the DataSource control.

Here’s a look inside of Decimal.ascx, the Filter Template for establishing a range on a decimal data type:

<%Control Language="C#" Inherits="PeterBlum.DES.BLD.NumericTextBoxRangeFilterTemplate" %>
<script runat="server">
protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) { SetupFilterControls(Start, End); SetupThruLabelControl(Thru); }
</script> <des:DecimalTextBox id="Start" runat="server" ShowSpinner="true" />  <des:LocalizableLabel id="Thru" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="End" />  <des:DecimalTextBox id="End" runat="server" ShowSpinner="true" />

In this case, the PeterBlum.DES.BLD.NumericTextBoxRangeFilterTemplate class has you register the textboxes and label within Page_Init. It does the rest, using the field to filter to determine various business rules and public properties to assign a label to the LocalizableLabel control. A Filter Template can support any kind of input control, including those from a third party. (However, a specific class like PeterBlum.DES.BLD.NumericTextBoxRangeFilterTemplate can only handle the specific control classes for which its intended.)

You use the BLDFilterField control whereever you want a Filter Template to be inserted into your Web Form. Specify the DataField in its DataField property. (Remember that a DataField is the property name in the Entity class.) It will choose a Filter Template based on the DataTypeAttribute or field's actual type. You can override that by specifying the Filter Template's name in the UIHint property (omitting the extension.)

<des:BLDFilterField id="ProductNameFilter" runat="server" DataField="ProductName" 
<des:BLDFilterField id="UnitPriceFilter" runat="server" DataField="UnitPrice" />

When you want to change how a Filter Template works, it may seem obvious to just go an edit its file. Before you do that, evaluate the many ways Filter Templates let the Web Form developer customize it.

  • Each Filter Template User Control class defines public properties that can you can assign using the BLDFilterField's TemplateProperties collection.
  • The Named Styles lets you override default styles on controls inside of the Filter Template and Pattern Templates.

Filter Templates provided with BLD

BLD includes the following Filter Templates, many of which utilize data entry controls from the Peter's TextBoxes and Peter's Date and Time modules of Peter's Data Entry suite.

Template name Data Type Filter Rule
Boolean.ascx Boolean Compare To Value
BooleanRadio.ascx Boolean Compare To Value
BooleanUsingHyperinks.ascx Boolean Compare To Value
Currency.ascx Currency Range
CurrencyCompare.ascx Currency Compare To Value
CurrencyEquals.ascx Currency Compare To Value with Equals operator
Date.ascx Date Range
DateCompare.ascx Date Compare To Value
DateEquals.ascx Date Compare To Value with Equals operator
DateTime.ascx DateTime Range
DateTimeCompare.ascx DateTime Compare To Value
DateTimeEquals.ascx DateTime Compare To Value with Equals operator
Decimal.ascx Decimal Range
DecimalCompare.ascx Decimal Compare To Value
DecimalEquals.ascx Decimal Compare To Value with Equals operator
Duration.ascx Duration Range
DurationCompare.ascx Duration Compare To Value
DurationEquals.ascx Duration Compare To Value with Equals operator
EntityFilterPicker.ascx EntityFilterPickerAttribute EntityFilterPickerAttribute specifies
EntityFilterPickerMultiSelection.ascx EntityFilterPickerAttribute EntityFilterPickerAttribute specifies
EntityFilterPickerUsingHyperlinks.ascx EntityFilterPickerAttribute EntityFilterPickerAttribute specifies
EntityFilterPickerUsingListBox.ascx EntityFilterPickerAttribute EntityFilterPickerAttribute specifies
Enumerated.ascx Enumerated Compare to Value
EnumeratedMultiSelection.ascx Enumerated Collection of Compare to Values with OR operator
EnumeratedUsingHyperlinks.ascx Enumerated Compare to Value
ForeignKey.ascx One to One relationship Compare to Value
ForeignKeyMultiSelection.ascx One to One relationship Collection of Compare to Values with OR operator
ForeignKeyUsingHyperlinks.ascx One to One relationship Compare to Value
Integer.ascx Integer Range
IntegerCompare.ascx Integer Compare To Value
IntegerEquals.ascx Integer Compare To Value with Equals operator
Percent.ascx Percent Range
PercentCompare.ascx Percent Compare To Value
PercentEquals.ascx Percent Compare To Value with Equals operator
Text.ascx String TextSearch
TextMultiFieldWithOptions.ascx String MultiFieldTextSearch
TextWithOptions.ascx String TextSearch
TextWithRange.ascx String Range
Time.ascx Time Range
TimeCompare.ascx Time Compare To Value
TimeEquals.ascx Time Compare To Value with Equals operator

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