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Posted on: 8/15/2003

One Year Anniversary of PeterBlum.com

August 17, 2002 was the date PeterBlum.com released its first commercial product and became software company for the ASP.NET community.

One year later to the week, Peter's third commercial offering, Professional Validation And More, was released with an immediate response in downloads and sales.

Over the course of the last year, I have established my corporate philosophy: Keep stress down by keeping customers happy. Life in other companies was always very stressful when you are managing software product delivery against deadlines, existing customers expectations, and internal demands. Over the 13 years I worked in those businesses, the stress took its toll on my body and mind. So PeterBlum.com had to change things.

To this end, I work very hard on these areas to make customers happy:
  • Build products that the user can really mold into their own product requirements. Flexibility is very important. Thus my products have an extraordinary number of properties and that list grows as customers tell me their needs.
  • Create comprehensive documentation, with everything explained and examples shown. This greatly reduces tech support questions (I only get a few emails a day even though so many users are working with my products.)
  • Tech support must be quick and friendly. That's a given. I try to avoid making a customer feel like s/he is interuptting me. However the most essential element to support is to answer ALL of the questions as thoroughly as you can. I'm no fan of "yes" "no" responses. I want to be sure there is a clear explaination so the user is comfortable proceding.
  • I have attempted to keep prices very competitive, perhaps at the expense of making more money by pricing them at the market value for packages with numerous controls.
  • I have built a Licensing model that also keeps the prices down, such as per server licensing instead of CPU or app, and keeping non-production servers free.
The results can be seen in customer testimonials at www.asp.net.