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Posted on: 4/10/2005

Announcing VAM: Client-Side Toolkit

There are numerous ways to make your web forms more interactive and user friendly through JavaScript. VAM: Client-Side Toolkit provides your site the same techniques used by JavaScript experts just by setting properties on web controls or calling methods.

Here are the techniques offered:
  • Change the appearance and values of any element on the page as the user clicks on a field. For example, use it to change the visibility of a control when the user toggles a checkbox.
  • Show the calculated total based on numbers entered into VAM's numeric TextBoxes.
  • Show a hint associated with a field to assist the user during data entry.
  • Set focus to a field when the page loads.
  • Prompt to confirm when the page is submitted.
  • Disable the submit buttons to limit double submissions.
  • Direct the ENTER or other keystroke to click a specific button.
VAM: Client-Side Toolkit is a module of Professional Validation And More