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Posted on: 9/11/2006

Peter's Polling Package 1.1.3 released

Peter's Polling Package v1.1.3 is now available. It contains two small enhancements and one bug fix. It is a free update for all customers who have a paid license of Peter's Polling Package. Just go to http://www.peterblum.com/PollControl/PetersPollingHome.aspx and click Get This Update.

The enhancements are:
  • In Entry View, it may help to start the list of answers with a different item to make sure users aren't just clicking on the first one. Set the new property xRandomizeEntriesB to true to start with a random answer.
  • In Results View, you can now sort the results by the total votes, with the highest votes at the top. Set the new property xSortAnswersByVotesB to true.