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Posted on: 1/17/2008

Introducing Peter's Data Entry Suite!

After 14 months of development, I am proud to introduce Peter’s Data Entry Suite, a merger of Peter’s Date Package with Professional Validation And More Suite, plus many enhancements.

This upgrade applies to the following products:
  • Peter’s Date Package
  • Professional Validation And More
  • VAM: Essential Validators
  • VAM: Specialized Validators
  • VAM: Data Entry Controls
  • VAM: Client-Side Toolkit
  • VAM: Visual Input Security.

The suite now contains over 70 web controls, all with a strong focus on data entry web forms. As existing licensees, you already know how to use some of them. Check out others that are new, like the TextCounter and ChangeMonitor, or controls in products you previous didn’t use, like my DateTextBox and ValidationSummary control.

I have put together a page that explains it in detail; including pricing, how to order, and any concerns you have in upgrading your code base:


Some key “marketing level” changes:
  • Peter’s Date Package, Professional Validation And More Suite and the VAM modules have been retired from the sales channel. Don’t worry. They are still supported and I provide a way to order additional licenses, as described in the Upgrading page
  • Most product prices have increased. All modules are now $90 US and the suite is $300 US/production server. The upgrade process provides a way to get additional licenses at a discount.
  • The suite and its modules have new names. Don’t worry if you still call it “VAM” in tech support emails, but its now “DES”.