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Better application design. Easier web form development.

ASP.NET Web Forms make you add business rules directly into them. Take the Validator control. It represents a business rule against a specific column in your database. Well designed applications push these rules off into a separate "Business Logic Layer", something that ASP.NET Web Forms was not designed to cleanly support. The challenge is to make the Web Form work with and fully respect your Business Logic Layer.
Peter's Business Logic Driven UI ("BLD") takes on that challenge.

Utilizing techniques introduced by ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Dynamic Data, BLD gives you the tools to build your Business Logic Layer and create the user interface that utilizes it. BLD's Web Controls read from the Business Logic Layer to establish validation, formatting, and a multitude of other features that belong in the Business Logic Layer.

BLD includes advanced DataAnnotation attributes for your business rules and Data Access Object classes to build your CRUD for your business layer. It includes 30 Web Controls and a templating system to build a rich, flexible, and business logic aware UI.


Web forms have consistency. Each data type in your database has a companion user interface "Field Template". For example, a date field has a Field Template hosting a DateTextBox with a popup calendar. BLD ensures that each column you add into the UI uses the same Field Template, providing you with a very consistent interface. It also means you can update the user interface in one place and impact the entire application. Explore

Web forms have far fewer business logic bugs. Each column has validation business rules that need to become Validator controls as they are added into a Web Form. The Field Template knows how to read through those business rules and create Validator controls that exactly match your business rules. With BLD, you can still modify the error messages and formatting of those validators.

Web form development is much simpler. Think of all of the possible business rules: security restrictions by user role, user friendly field names, default values, relationships, etc. All of these can be easily described in the Business Logic Layer. Your Field Templates do the work to respect these rules. The actual Web Form does not. Users drop in a single <des:BLDDataField id="name" runat="server" DataField="column name" /> control and BLD creates the correct, business rule saavy interface.

The Business Logic Layer is reusable. A Business Logic Layer is user interface independent. It can serve applications written for different platforms (web, windows, mobile, etc) and different technologies (Web Forms, MVC, Silverlight, etc).

BLD fully utilizes the power of Peter's Data Entry Suite ("DES"). It uses the powerful DES Validation framework, its hacking defenses, and numerous textbox, date, and time controls. More importantly, it intellegently integrates many DES controls so you don't have to set them up yourself.

Sample Business Logic Layer CodeSample User Interface Code

DataAnnotations applied to the Category Entity class

Data Access Object for the Category table

A FormView control that can display and edit the Name and Description columns of the Category table

BLD's powerful BLDListView control displaying the same data in a list format.

Explore Peter's Business Logic Driven UI: Business Logic Layer

  • DataAnnotation Attributes: Implementing your business logic on columns and tables. Explore
  • Data Access Objects: Business logic for your CRUD actions. Explore
  • POCO ("Plain old CLR objects"): Adding business logic to other classes. Explore

Explore Peter's Business Logic Driven UI: User Interface Layer

  • Controls: The Web Controls of Peter's Business Logic Driven UI. Explore
  • Field Templates: The user interface for individual data types. Explore
  • Filter Templates: The user interface for filter rules. Explore
  • Pattern Templates: The fast and flexible way to set up your DataBound controls. Explore

Challenges and Solutions when using BLD

With every tool, there are are questions and concerns. Do I have the skills? What experience can I apply to reducing the learning curve? Will I be able to engineer my application to meet the requirements? What is the debugging experience like? What kind of support do I get?

More on Peter's Business Logic Driven UI

  • LICENSING - Peter's Business Logic Driven UI is a module of Peter's Data Entry Suite and uses controls from the other modules of the Suite. Peter's Business Logic Driven UI requires a license for Peter's Data Entry Suite. (You cannot purchase a license for this module itself.) More
  • PLATFORM - Peter's Business Logic Driven UI requires ASP.NET Web Forms 4.0 or higher. Its business logic assembly, PeterBlum.DES.DataAnnotations, is actually user interface neutral and can be used from any code written with .NET 4.0 and higher. However, UI platform specific versions of validator classes will need to be written by the user to take advantage of its ValidationAttributes.
    • Supports LINQ to SQL and the Entity classes created by the Visual Studio O/R Designer.
    • Supports ADO.NET Entity Framework v4.0 and the Entity classes created by the Visual Studio Entity Data Model Wizard.
    • Supports ADO.NET classes and third party Entity classes by using the BLD Data Access Objects framework.
  • DOCUMENTATION - Its User's Guide is extensive and detailed, with walkthroughs, examples, and advice.
  • SOURCE CODE - Includes source code to the PeterBlum.DES.BLD and PeterBlum.DES.DataAnnotations assemblies, which house all of the BLD code. Source code to the PeterBlum.DES assembly, which contains the remaining modules of DES, is available through a separate licensing procedure, but is free of charge.
  • TECH SUPPORT - Free and provided by Peter Blum himself. So you get the most knowledgable person in this product as a resource.

Peter's Data Entry Suite gives you feature rich and interactive data entry web forms with over 100 web controls.
Start with better controls. Finish with better sites.
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